By buying from this site you're investing in my time, literally!

I respect that trust and am proud to offer a personal 1-year warranty on all the products I sell, to help repay the kindness.

New Watches

All new watches sold through SVK Watches include a transferrable 1-year international warranty from me directly. This warranty covers not only the movements, but also any parts added against manufacturer defects. All watches are checked over by me personally so I doubt you'd ever use the warranty - but it's there in case you need it. If you notice something wrong, don't hesitate to reach out via email (info@svkwatches.ae) and I will guide you on how best to return the watch for repair or replacement. 

General wear and tear issues, such as scratches picked up from normal use, are of course not covered by the warranty on watches.

Used Watches

Any used Seiko watches or Seiko Mods sold on this site are also covered by the same, 1-year warranty as new watches. If you spot another brand sold here, then please check the product description for details as the item may still hold an original manufacturer's warranty. 


As I source all products carefully and pay attention to manufacturing materials and details, I'm more than confident you won't have any issues with the fitment or use of the available accessories for many years ahead. My 1-year warranty is also added to these items to cover against any manufacturing or functional defects too. As with watches, please reach out to me by email (info@svkwatches.ae) if you want to make a claim and I will help you out. 

Again, wear and tear won't be covered but do check the care instructions for each item listed on the product page.