About SVK

Simon (SVK) - Watchmaker, Designer & Teacher based in Dubai, UAE.

I have always loved mechanical things, my interest in watches bloomed in the last 5 years and as I became more knowledgeable, I finally took the plunge not only to design my own ideas, but also make them happen. I discovered Seiko Mods, as you will have too by this point, and the idea of being able to build almost any style of watch I could imagine, at a reasonable price, really blew my mind. 


The watch that started it all - the Seiko Sensei - I designed and built this as a perfect Teacher's watch, with a custom 3D printed countdown bezel as this would prove useful in a classroom environment.

Originally from the UK, I settled in Dubai and have been working here as a Design Technology teacher since 2015. I care deeply about education - so was always keen to include the learning element in what I do. In 2020 I began building watches for others and showing them how I do it on my YouTube channel and Instagram page. What started as a hobby quickly became an obsession with hundreds of watches built since then, for private clients in the UAE and worldwide. 

In Spring 2022 I decided it was time to go bigger, so I created this site - The First Fully-Licenced Seiko Mod Concept Store in the UAE. This store is made for enthusiasts, by an enthusiast. Here you'll find my favourite Seiko watches, my custom builds and a collection of hand-picked accessories.

Over the years I dealt with many stores, sellers and platforms. I feel that in the 'Amazon' age, there is little-to-no personality in retail. I wanted to change that here. It's no secret that this is my personal site, store and everything here was either curated, designed, made or written by me, not my pretend 'team or company', even my business name is just my initials. I'm fully honest and transparent with what I do. 


The SNK063J5 was at one point my hottest selling product, only available in the Middle East market, I supplied hundreds of these to europe and beyond, this experience helped me build my ecommerce/logistics knowledge. 


As a consumer, I care about the details, I want to know where it's from, what it's made of and why it's the best option, the cost is almost secondary. Every product on this site reflects this, I won't sell something I've not tried, reviewed or won't wear or use myself. I've learnt that most of my followers and supporters want the same experience, a more personal, expert experience and are willing to pay a fair price for the perfect product.



A pair of Seiko 'YMs', a 'Blackout', a 'Rootbeer' and an 'Arabic Kermit' - if I had to pick the most requested designs it would be these!


Every Seiko Modder has a style or rules they follow, so here are my key points:

  • I don't use fake, counterfeit or aftermarket parts with a Seiko logo. You may have seen some of these elsewhere. Seiko modding should stay true to Seiko - say no to fake dials. 
  • I only use high-quality parts from trusted suppliers like DLW, Watch&Style, NamokiMods, Mod Mode Watches & Lucius Atelier - not ebay/aliexpress sellers.
  • I'm honest with my advice, If something won't look right I'll tell you - from experience - I won't build a watch I don't think would look and feel great.
  • I get your watch made fast - most builds are ready within 2-3 weeks - as I know no-one likes to wait for their order - and all are shipped with express services, anywhere. 
  • You'll see your watch being made - I send short video, 'story' clips to anyone I build for - you'll have a unique record of the steps I took to assemble your watch.
  • I do timing and water resistance tests on each watch I build, I am yet to have any complaints about the final products. 
  • I warranty everything available on this website, watches, straps, cases, the lot. All is covered for 1-year, so you can buy with confidence.


Thanks for reading this, please feel free to reach out to me by email to discuss your next watch, accessory, interesting project or idea.


I appreciate your time, I hope you appreciate mine!

Simon (SVK)