How to Order

I've tried to simplify the process of ordering your next watch or custom Seiko Mod, in the UAE and Worldwide. Here is the process for ordering from my site:


Original Seiko Watches (Pre-Order)

You can order any of my favourite Seiko models available directly from my store. Most watches are sourced within 1-2 weeks by me personally, then shipped on to you via your chosen shipping method. I source watches from all over the world to ensure availability at good prices - any original Seiko watches bought will include their standard boxes and paperwork with their original Seiko 1-Year Warranty.

Seiko Mods (Available) & Accessories

This works just as you'd expect from any online store, pick your items, add to cart and once the order is in, your products will be shipped out to you via your chosen delivery method within a few days. Keep a lookout for new arrivals and sign up for email notifications for when new and available products drop!

Seiko Mods (Built to Order)

Step 1:
Explore my collection of modified Seiko watches, pick your favourite design and note down any changes you'd make. Each design has a 'Build List' attached which highlights (in bold) the mod parts that can be changed to other colours/styles without increasing the price. For example, if the bezel part is in bold, you can request a different bezel design from one of my trusted sources.

Step 2:
Order your prefered design online - I will be in touch personally to confirm details and any changes you'd like to make. Don't forget to add your custom requests in the "Order Special Requests" box at the checkout.

Step 3:
Once confirmed, your watch will be made within 2-3 weeks. You'll also receive photos and videos of your watch being built!

Step 4:
Once tested and ready to go, your watch will be shipped to your location in the UAE or Worldwide, fast.

Step 5:
The best part - receiving and enjoying your watch. Knowing it was made personally for you, to your spec, by an independent watchmaker.

What is a Seiko Mod?

Seiko Modding has been around for decades, this is the process of taking an original Seiko watch, such as the SKX007, and customising it with other parts to upgrade it or change its look to suit a personal taste.

More recently, since the arrival of the Seiko 5 Sports line in 2019, the worldwide modding scene has flourished further, with millions of possible combinations allowing anyone to create a truly unique watch design, at a reasonable price.  There are now more parts, more options and more people who want to add a Seiko Mod to their watch collection. There are modders in most major cities around the world, each with their own personal style - you can read about mine here.

With such a wide variety of high-quality parts available, it is now sometimes more efficient to build entire watches from parts alone, without the need for a base watch. You'll see that some of my examples don't use a base watch for this reason - these are the most customisable options as every single part can be specified individually for the build.

What are the parts that make up a typical Seiko Mod watch?


The beating heart of the watch, what makes it tick! I typically use Seiko's NH36/4R36, NH35, NH38, NH70, NH71, NH72 & 7S26 Movements.


The steel body of the watch, the largest part that holds it all together. The case size is typically the best way to gauge a watch's overall size.


The back of the watch, that secures everything inside the case, these can be plain or 'exhibition' meaning that you can see the inner workings.


The steel ring surrounding the glass, this is often a rotating part, allowing for timing and dual-time watch functions.


This is typically made from Aluminium, Steel or Ceramic, inserts are available in various colours and designs, this part can really transform the look if changed.

Chapter Ring:

This is the ring around the dial (beneath the glass), these often have minute markers to help with accurate time reading.


Sometimes referred to as the 'face' of the watch, this would typically include the logo and hour markers.


The hour, minute and seconds hands used to tell the time. There are many different options and colours available - a great way to make your watch stand out.


Used to set the time, these can have various designs and engravings, some are 'screw-down' which means you have to unscrew the crown from the case before using it - this is a more secure type of crown. Note the crown position on the case too - most Seiko's have the crown at 4 o'clock, but in some cases this can be changed to the more traditional 3 o'clock position.


This is the glass above the dial, hands and chapter ring. Almost all the watches I make use sapphire crystals which are very scratch-resistant and come in a variety of styles. The Double Dome Sapphire is one of the most popular crystal types as it makes a huge difference to the original, flat, look.


The part used to secure the watch to your wrist - Seiko's are known to have poor quality bracelets and straps - but this is easily remedied with an upgraded, aftermarket option.

If you'd like to explore the parts I have access to - take a look at my trusted parts sources:

DLW Watches - Some of the best quality bezels, crystals, hands & straps

Namoki Mods - Large range of quality parts, including more unusual cases

Watch&Style - My go-to for a variety of quality cases, parts & bracelets

Lucius Atelier - Rare and unique parts, some are even Swiss-Made!

Mod Mode Watches - Great range of unique parts, such as the Seiko-Oak ad Seiko-Naut case sets

I'm happy to assist you in creating a fully custom-designed watch made with parts from these suppliers - just reach out to with your request.