Welcome to SVK Watches

...the first, fully-licenced Seiko Mod concept store in the UAE.

Here you'll find my carefully curated collection of custom-made Seiko Mods, Original Seiko Watches and hand-picked accessories. Browse my favourite models and order your own unique build with transparent pricing, fast turnaround times and worldwide shipping - all done by me, personally - Simon (SVK).

Seiko Mods (Available Now):

  • Step 1

    Explore my collection of modified Seiko watches, pick your favourite design and note down any changes you'd make.

  • Step 2

    Order your prefered design online - I will be in touch personally to confirm details and any changes you'd like to make.

  • Step 3

    Once confirmed, your watch will be made within 2-3 weeks. You'll also receive photos and videos of your watch being built!

  • Step 4

    Once tested and ready to go, your watch will be shipped to your location in the UAE or Worldwide, fast.

  • Step 5

    The best part - receiving and enjoying your watch. Knowing it was made personally for you, to your spec, by an independent watchmaker.

  • Warranty

    As I personally handle all watches and accessories available on this store - I stand by my products with a 1-Year International Warranty.

Or the modified version:

Seiko Mods (Built to Order in 2-3 Weeks):

Hand-Picked Accessories: